Meet NE Neungyule, the joy of sound learning

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On November 1, 2017, Neungyule Education merged with Educhallenge and changed its name to "NE Neungyule, Inc.", advancing itself as a comprehensive education service company catering to people of all ages, from infants to adults.

Founded in 1980, Neungyule Education has grown into a top English textbook brand through the publication of best-sellers such as Reading Tutor, Neungyule Voca along with many other highly regarded textbooks. The company is now expanding its business into new fields such as education for infants, math and reading. At the same time, the business has further developed its business, not only in print publication but also in e-learning,
the franchising of private educational institutes, and corporate education. In these new areas, our target customers encompass infants and toddlers, elementary, middle and high school students, and adults.

Educhallenge, founded in 2004, has been involved in "i-challenge ", an integrated development program that fosters the life habits, sociability, and learning ability needed in the developmental process of infants and toddlers. i-challenge features play and learning with the character "Hobi " and has cemented its position in the infant and toddler education market with more than two million members. In recent years, the company launched a fun learning program, the first of its kind in Korea, which delivers its key contents based on the monthly development of infants, rather than simply by their age, making it a leading innovator in the early age education.

NE Neungyule, Inc., an integrated corporation, has grown significantly with the inclusion of i-challenge, the top brand in childhood education, into its corporate family. Now it is making a second leap forward with the goal of becoming a "Top 10 education company by 2020. "

NE Neungyule, Inc. aims to provide sound educational resources by combining the excellent educational content development capacity it has accumulated over 37 years with differentiated distribution and customer service know-how. The company will do its best to provide more value to all of its customers, from infants to adults. We deeply appreciate your continued interest in and encouragement to NE Neungyule, Inc. and its fresh start.

Thank you. CEO Joo Min-hong