Meet NE Neungyule, the joy of sound learning

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NE Neungyule takes a leap forward to become a leading education platform group with a focus on content and education technology.

Since its establishment in 1980, NE Neungyule has been earning the trust of its customers with its best-selling education series, such as Reading Tutor, Neungyule VOCA, TOMATO TOEIC, and many other highly regarded textbooks. In addition, NE Neungyule has been carrying out constant research and innovating to expand its business in diverse fields, including mathematics, infant and preschooler education, private education, and corporate training.

Going forward, NE Neungyule will grow to become a leading education platform group that offers content and educational technology based on its 40 years of experience in the industry. We will commit ourselves to adding greater value to all our customers' lives by providing the "experience of sound learning" for customers of all ages and offering high-quality educational services.

NE Neungyule pursues "sound learning" through education that fosters the joy of learning new knowledge, broadens horizons with diverse experiences, develops capabilities required to achieve goals, and which maximizes potentials with balanced learning aimed at enhancing both fundamentals and performance outcomes.

We deeply appreciate your continued interest in and support of NE Neungyule, Inc., an organization that innovates and challenges to create healthier learning values.

Thank you. CEO Joo Min-hong